20mm Square Base to 25mm Square base Movement Tray



Good news, you don’t need to rebase that army!

These Movement Trays are designed to let you field miniatures based on 20 mm square bases in rank and file formations that are the footprint of 25 mm base formations. We have made the footprint of this conversion tray the same as if it was a unit of models based on 25mm square bases. The cutouts for bases are just over 20 mm so you can easily get a model in and out, some off brand resin bases may require fitting.

If you need a size not shown please contact us and we will happily get it to you.

If you would like your tray to come un-assembled please note that.

Our movement trays are constructed with two layers of laser cut 2.5 mm MDF. They come pre-assembled, no fiddling with lining up corners during assembly or having a rear rank fall off the back because of no lip over rough terrain. We have built out trays with you the gamer in mind.

Comes unpainted

All items are cut to order so if you are in a hurry let us know, so we can give you a accurate shipping date.

Additional information


1×1(25x25mm), 2×1(50×25), 3×1(75×25), 4×1(100x25mm), 5×1(125x25mm), 6×1(150x25mm), 7×1(175x25mm), 8×1(200x25mm), 9×1(225x25mm), 10×1(250x25mm), 2×2(50x50mm), 3×2(75x50mm), 4×2(100x50mm), 5×2(125x50mm), 6×2(150x50mm), 7×2(175x50mm), 8×2(200x50mm), 9×2(225x50mm), 10×2(250x50mm), 3×3(75x75mm), 4×3(100x75mm), 5×3(125x75mm), 6×3(150x75mm), 7×3(175x75mm), 8×3(200x75mm), 9×3(225x75mm), 10×3(250x75mm), 4×4(100x100mm), 5×4(125x100mm), 6×4(150x100mm), 7×4(175x100mm), 8×4(200x100mm), 9×4(225x100mm), 10×4(250x100mm), 5×5(125x125mm), 6×5(150x125mm), 7×5(175x125mm), 8×5(200x125mm), 9×5(225x125mm), 10×5(250x125mm), 6×6(150x150mm), 7×6(175x150mm), 8×6(200x150mm), 9×6(225x150mm), 10×6(250x150mm), 7×7(175x175mm), 8×7(200x175mm), 9×7(225x175mm), 10×7(250x175mm), 8×8(200x200mm), 9×8(225x200mm), 10×8(250x200mm), 10×10(250x250mm)

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