Geared Quick Template and Feat Token warmachine movement template



Our Geared Quick Template and Feat Token set is designed for use with Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes game. With a variety or commonly used measurements: 6in, 3in, 2in and 1/2in. The long template allows you to get the 1/2in in place and over models. This warmachine movement template can help save time when seconds count in timed games.

Have you ever forgotten to use your Feat? Well never again with our neon orange feat token on the table!


This template is 3/16″ laser cut cast acrylic and is highly durable. Over time we have seen many thinner emplates crack during transportation and chose to create ours in a thicker material to deter this result.

We stock this template in Ironheart Orange only, but if you are interested in another color we can arrange that for a small fee. Please contact us for more details.

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