Movement Trays



Our MDF Movement trays are pasture raised with no anti-biotics, hormones or GMOs. They are 100% organic and humanely brought to market. Made from virgin 2.5mm MDF they arrive to you fully assembled with a one piece trim edge. No fiddling trying to make corners connect. Each one has been laser engraved with the inner area size of the tray so it is easy for you to find what you are looking for in a pile of them.


In the design of our trays we took bases from various manufacturers and placed them in our trays to make sure they had enough room for ease of use. Enjoy the perfect fit and get your disorderly minions whipped into line. Look no further if you are searching for high quality durable movement trays to smoothly push your troops across the table.

*** The interior dimensions of the tray is larger than listed to accommodate models that are difficult to rank up and ease of use.  Several millimeters have been added both directions.  If you want a certain interior dimension please send a email to place a custom order ***

Any size not listed can be easily made for you custom please use the contact tab to let us know what you need. We can cut magnet sensitive rubber to fit your trays as well upon request.


Made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans.

Additional information

Movement Tray Interior Dimension

75 x 75, 75 x 75 tray 50 x 50 opening, 100 x 40, 100 x 60, 100 x 80, 200 x 40, 200 x 75, 200 x 80, 200 x 120, 125 x 25, 125 x 50, 125 x 75, 125 x 100, 250 x 100, 250 x 150, 120 x 40, 140 x 40, 120 x 80, 240 x 80, 150 x 50, 150 x 75, 150 x 100, 200 x 150, 300 x 100, 300 x 200, 100 x 100, 200 x 100

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