Kings of War Bases




Our Kings of War Bases are laser cut 2.5mm MDF bases created to allow you to multi-base your units to get maximum value out of your miniatures. With the new 60% requirement for model count in multi-basing a unit these are perfect for you to get those large units on the table with 40% less work.

We have also taken the time to add notches to these bases of the correct size depending on what the original basing of the model would have been. In game the center models location is a critical part of play for line of site and charges. When there is just a cut out rectangle you have no point of reference for where that model would have been. With our v notches we not only show where the center of the frontage for the overall base is but also the outside edges of where that center model would be located. This way you are free to scenic model your base to what ever creative idea you have but still have all you need when it comes to game mechanics.

Made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from 2.5mm MDF, we recommend you give your base a coat of spray sealer before working with them. This helps to prevent warping due to water heavy glues or highly humid environments. MDF is after all a wood base product.

Kings of War is Made by Mantic Games, go check them out.

Additional information

Base Size

40mm x 40mm Large Infantry, 50mm x 50mm Artillery/Hero, 50mm x 100mm Deep Artillery/Chariot, 75mm x 75mm Monster, 20mm Infantry Troop 100 x 40, 20mm Infantry Regiment 100 x 80, 20mm Infantry Horde 200×80, 20mm Infantry Legion 200 x 120, 25mm Infantry Troop 125 x 50, 25mm Infantry Regiment 125 x 100, 25mm Infantry Horde 250 x 100, 25mm Infantry Legion 250 x 150, 25mm Cavalry Troop 125 x 50, 25mm Cavalry Regiment 125 x 100, 25mm Cavalry Horde 250 x 100, 40mm Large infantry Regiment 120 x 40, 40mm Large infantry Horde 120 x 80, 40mm Large Infantry Legion 240 x 80, 50mm Large Cavalry Regiment 150 x 50, 50mm Large Cavalry Horde 150 x 100, 50mm Large Cavalry Legion 300 x 100, 50mm Deep Large Cavalry Regiment 150 x 100, 50mm Deep Large Cavalry Horde 150 x 200, 50mm Deep Large Cavalry Legion 300 x 200, 50mm Chariot Troop 100 x 100, 50mm Chariot Regiment 150 x 100, 50mm Chariot Horde 200 x 100, 50mm Chariot Legion 150 x 200

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