Dropper Bottle Tray



Our dropper bottle tray has been floating around since we first started laser cutting here at Ironheart. Dropper bottle paints love to fall over in our drawers every time we open them. Problem solved, also allows for quickly putting paints away if you need your work space for more important things, like titans or one of our terrain kits. Many miniature paint manufacturers use dropper bottles and the majority of them fit in this tray’s pre-cut holes.


The tray measures approximately 11.5in x 8in x 1in with (70) 26mm holes that fit a wide range of miniature paint dropper bottles.


This is made from laser cut MDF and comes unassembled.

Manufactured in the USA by Ironheart Artisans.

All other products pictured are for scale purposes only and do not come with the paint rack. Get your own stuff, stop eye balling ours. Follow the links below to find them

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