Kings of War MDF Token Set



Our Kings of War MDF Token Set gives you every token you need to make your KoW games smooth and efficient, a massive 83 in all. Don’t ruin a great game trying to remember if a unit is disordered or not. End the chances of disagreement before they start by having the tokens to mark the status of any of your units. From wounds to objectives we have you covered.


Each token has been designed to be easily seen by your opponent on the other side of the table as easy as it is for you. The wound, disordered and wavered tokens have large letters or numbers completely cut through so they have maximum visibility on the table top. No paint or detail to be obscured, cut from 2.5mm MDF they have plenty of durability to with stand all the table top combat you can throw at them.


The Kings of War MDF Token Set includes
Skull Wound tokens 1-10 x3
Skull Wound tokens 11-20 x2
Skull Wound tokens 20-25 x1
Numbered 25mm objective tokens x8
Diordered tokens x 10
Wavered tokens x 10
83 tokens in total


Made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans

Kings of War is Made by Mantic Games, go check them out.

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