Wargames Illustrated Print Subscription (US)

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Wargames Illustrated Print Subscription (US) is an annual (or quarterly) subscription of printed copies of WI delivered to your door in the US.

All subscriptions ordered on/before the 15th of the month will receive the following month’s issue as their first issue. After that the subscription will begin the month afterwards.

Example:  If you order a subscription September 15 the first issue you will receive will be October. If you order a subscription on September 16 the first issue you will receive will be November.

As the magazine will be shipping from within the US (using USPS First Class) you can expect your issue to arrive within a week of Ironheart receiving that issue. As a subscriber you can contact US-based Ironheart Artisans directly for any customer service issues regarding your subscription.

Wargames Illustrated (affectionately known as WI) is the world’s leading and best selling magazine dedicated to the hobby of miniature wargaming.

Each month WI feature news, views, reviews and over 100 pages of articles relating to the noble hobby of miniature wargaming – the pursuit of collecting, painting, and gaming with miniature figurines (known variously as figures, miniatures, figs, minis, or toy soldiers). All facets of the wargaming experience are covered, including reviews of new products, lots of painting and terrain-building advice, as well as well-researched historical battles and campaigns. The magazine contains content submitted by wargaming enthusiasts around the world. WI maintains editorial, design, and admin staff in the UK (Nottinghamshire).

For a detailed view of what a issue is like inside, check out this video:



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