Inverted 72 Dropper Bottle Paint Rack



The Inverted 72 Dropper Bottle Paint Rack is a quick any easy solution to organize your dropper bottles upside down. When the rack is placed on your work bench the angle that the paints sit at shows you the bottoms of your dropper bottles giving you a clear idea of the colors available in your arsenal. Another benefit is that with the paint sitting toward the dropper end your paints tend to dry out slower.

Most miniature dropper bottle paints fit nicely in the rack. The following brands have been test fitted Vallejo Secret Weapon Washes Scale 75 Reaper Master Series Army Painter If your brand of paint is not listed here contact us and we will find out if it will fit for you.

This is made from laser cut MDF and comes unassembled.

Manufactured in the USA by Ironheart Artisans.

All other products pictured are for scale purposes only and do not come with the paint rack. Get your own stuff, stop eye balling ours. Follow the links above to find them

Instructional assembly video

Additional information

Weight 250 g

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