BrokenToad Fugazi Series MK3 Brush – No 000 (Synthetic Hair)


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BrokenToad Fugazi Series MK3 Brush – No 000 (Synthetic Hair)


Built to the same high standard as our Kolinsky hair brushes, the Fugazi Series MK3 paint brush has been made using 100% synthetic fibers that have been engineered to imitate the properties of Kolinsky hair as closely as possible. If you want the performance of a high quality paint brush but you don’t want to rely on natural hair then this is the brush for you.

Over time synthetic brushes fibers can develop a curl at the very tip of the brush, this is a normal characteristic of all synthetic hair brushes. To correct this first make sure your brush is clean, then dip the effected part of the tip in very hot water, make sure you only submerge the very tip of the brush so as not to damage the rest of the brush head, after a couple of seconds you should be able to reshape your brush head and remove the curl.

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