The Art of… Seyni N’Diaye Volume 6


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The Art of… Seyni N’Diaye Volume 6

This 104-page book is the sixth in an ongoing series of publications that presents the glorious miniatures artwork of artists from around the globe in full-color, quality photos, supported by descriptions from the arists themselves.

THE ART OF… Seyni N’Diaye

Seyni N’diaye (AKA nebriuson) is an amazing artist from France who is incredibly passionate about the application of colors, textures, and patterns on his miniatures.

Buried in each of Seyni’s works are little stories, or nods to significant events in his life, or simple pop culture references. Sometimes these things lie close to the surface, and other times it is a joy to dig deeper.

This volume takes us into the often chaotic and exploratory painting that has marked Seyni N’diaye out as a miniatures artist with a bright future ahead of him.

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