The Art of… Chris Suhre Volume 4


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This 104-page book is the fourth in an ongoing series of publications that presents the glorious miniatures artwork of artists from around the globe in full-color, quality photos, supported by descriptions from the arists themselves.

THE ART OF… Chris Suhre

Chris Surhe is a wonderfully creative miniatures artist from the United States with a love for story-telling and an incredible level of patience.

Inspiration can strike at any moment. When it does, Chris can find himself with a painting desk covered in possibilities, and it is his steady, iterative approach that sees him complete awesome pieces of art on a regular basis.

This volume takes us into the mind of an artist who works primarily in fantastical dioramas. As with all good art, there are stories we see immediately and the stories hidden beneath the surface. This book offers us a guided tour of both.

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