Acrylic Wound Markers Set



Our Acrylic Wound Markers Set is designed to fit neatly against the corner of a square based model or movement tray. As they take more wounds the bloody pool becomes larger and larger. The size of each marker varies by number of wounds and ranges from 26 x 32 mm to 38 x 41 mm each. With so many variety on the market already the goal was to create something new that would add different element. Instead of a dice, which can often be picked up by accident, these Acrylic Wound Markers stand out and it is clear visually that your unit or model is suffering from the trials and tribulations of miniature war gaming.


The Acrylic Wound Markers Set includes the following

(3) 1 Wound, (3) 2 Wounds, (3) 3 Wounds, (1) 4 Wounds, (1) 5 Wounds and (1) 6 Wounds


These tokens are made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from laser cut red 3mm cast acrylic with a white color fill.

Additional information

Weight 35 g