Land of the Free Game Complete Token Set


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Our Land of the Free Game Complete Token Set was developed for use with the historical game “Land of the Free” released by Osprey publishing and written by Joe Krone.  We worker hand in hand with the game designer to create a complete set of tokens, markers, and game accessories. These offer a convenient way to streamline the game. Also the set has been designed to embody the time period represented in the system in as many ways as possible. Starting with the text itself which is based off what would be found in the majority of the new worlds printing presses of the day. The deployment zone and center objective markers are based off period correct map features. The whole series is riddled with subtle details to help make your historical gaming experience even more immersive.


For more information about the game system you can find news here and the rule book here  for pre-order; the book releases October 20, 2014


A total of (67) parts are included in Land of the Free Game Complete Token Set: see the complete break down below

– Acrylic Wound Markers (12) ranging from approx. 26 x 32 mm to 38 x 41 mm each

(3) 1 Wound, (3) 2 Wounds, (3) 3 Wounds, (1) 4 Wounds, (1) 5 Wounds and (1) 6 Wounds

– Wooden Morale Tokens (18) approx. 25 mm each

(3) 1 Disorder, (3) 2 Disorder, (2) 3 Disorder, (2) 4 Disorder, (4) Shaken and (4) Exhausted

-Wooden Gaming Accessories (9)

(3) 50 MM Objectives, (2) Straight Deployment Area Markers, (2) Corner Deployment Area Markers, (1) 75 mm Center Objective and (1) 75 mm 45 degree line of sight tool

-Wooden Land of the Free Tokens (28) ranging from approx. 23 x 30 mm to 35 x 45 mm each

(10) Command Point, (6) Fire, (4) Snap Fire, (2) Counter Charge, (2) Skilled Commander, (2) Competent Commander, (1) Incompetent Commander and (1) Highly Skilled Commander


These tokens are made from laser cut 3mm cast acrylic and wood in the USA by Ironheart Artisans

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Weight 114 g

Wood and Acrylic, MDF