6 Tier Stepped Paint Rack



This 6 Tier Stepped Paint Rack is just a larger version of our 4 tier rack. We have been sending these out as custom orders on occasion.

If you are anything like us you have piles of different miniature paint companies products to try to organize and special cut to fit sizes just make things even more irritating. Each level has 359x35mm of usable space for however and whatever you want to place on it. The footprint of the rack is only 14.5in by 9in which also means it will not dominate your work space. This 6 tier paint rack gives enough height in each level to easily see the product behind it and also has a tall enough lip that your paints won’t fall out if you bump or jar the rack.

Step by step assembly guide for a similar product can be found here

This is made from laser cut MDF and comes unassembled.


Manufactured in the USA by Ironheart Artisans.

Corner rack in pictures is not included.

All other products pictured are for scale purposes only and do not come with the paint rack. Get your own stuff, stop eye balling ours. Follow the links below to find them

Badger Minitaire Vallejo Game Color P3 Paints

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