Blood Bowl 2 Block Dice



Blood Bowl 2 Block Dice inspired by one of our favorite video games of all time. These physical versions of those evil digital ones that we have all raged at when playing the video game will be more random, we promise 😉

These sets of (3) 16mm or 22mm dice are printed using ultra durable UV cured ink no chipping or rubbing off over time like hero quest dice. No carving out one whole side with etching or a crescent moon of meat missing, looking at you GW goblin dice, which keeps the dice in their true square shape. Also with the extra color in the design these bad boys are super easy to read from any where on the pitch. No confusion either since every Blood Bowl player knows these versions of the symbols.

YES! we ship to you. 
Send us a email with your address, paypal address, phone number for customs and what you would like to order. The cart system will not work for you. It is about $14-19 for international shipping on one set of 3 dice.  That’s our cost with a business discount. We recommend doing a group buy with friends.

Additional information

Dice Shape/size

16mm Round corner block and D6(5), 16mm Round corner block(3), 16mm Standard corner block and D6(5), 16mm Standard corner block(3), 22mm block(3), 22mm block and D6(5), 16mm Round corner Varsity Blue D6(1), 16mm Standard corner Varsity Blue D6(1)

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