Blood Bowl Tokens



Our Acrylic and MDF Blood Bowl Tokens were designed after many games of test play 🙂

Ever forgot to declare a blitz before standing up or rolling for really stupid? Ever have a long complex turn and forget you used a Reroll early on? Tired of spinning your models in circles? Laying your nicely painted models face down to scratch the paint off?

Our token set solves all these issues. The small ball markers lets you mark models you’ve activated, we threw in a few extra because you are bound to lose them. Stunned will keep those big models in one square and off the work you did on painting their faces. Proudly place the impossible to miss Really stupid marker next to your troll so you don’t forget he won’t be helping you this turn.

The 22 token set includes
14 x Activation markers (ball with stars)
4 x Stunned
1 x Blitz, Hand Off, Pass and Reroll

We are always up for making a new token or custom ones, get in touch if you are interested.

Acrylic tokens are shipped with protective paper mask on to limit scratches in transit. Soak in warm water and wipe off with a clean towel.

Made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans

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MDF, Green Acrylic, Yellow Acrylic, Blue Acrylic, Orange Acrylic, Pink Acrylic, Brushed Silver and Black Acrylic, Brushed Gold and Black

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