Blood Bowl Scoreboard



Our Blood Bowl Scoreboard was designed to be fun as well utilitarian.

Sure sliding a marker along a tracker is easy but after you battled 8 turns past a deathroller or a pair of wardancers we think you deserve a little bit more. Reach in the storage bins on the back of the scoreboard and proudly hang your point with pride, damnit you earned it!

We wanted to keep the details chunky on this kit, maybe  a goblin finally accidentally used a chainsaw for what it was designed for.

We offer two version one with and one without wood grain, both include numbers for each player.

156mm height x 112mm width x 95mm depth

This kit is made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from laser cut 2.5mm MDF and is a multi-part kit that will require assembly. The parts come completely cut and are NOT attached to a sheet that need to be punched out.

Additional information

Surface Detail

With Wood Grain, No Wood Grain

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