Blood Bowl Franz Sponsor Board



Our Blood Bowl Franz Sponsor Board is designed to add a little flare to your games without taking up too much space.

A aristocratic brand if there ever was one Franz, named after its name sake Karl Franz. Started life as a tailor service for none other than the man himself. As other nobles wanted to have and wear the same styles or accessories as the big guy, Franz began business to the public. Commonly gaudy with gold designs and bold oversized items the line has become a bit of a parody of its once elite status after many hundreds of years. It isn’t uncommon to watch a goblin coach stroll proudly up and down the sidelines in the most horrible cheap knock off Franz fashions. Usually looking down upon the entire sport of blood bowl as distasteful and beneath them, they have changed their tune of late. But still only sponsoring the most elite teams with goods to wear at the pub or while partying with nobles.

Your team has earned the contract now show off who is paying for those Bloodweiser babes or wizards. All sign designs come on pre-etched and pre-primed MDF with wood grain lasered on then printed in highly durable UV ink in full color. So you can place it in one of our sign board holders, the slots of our stands / bleachers kit or straight on to the wall of your custom built stadium.

Sign Board is 120mm x 45mm x 2.5mm approx
Assembled Sign Holder is L 115mm x D 45mm x H 43mm

These are made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from laser cut 2.5mm MDF and are multi-part kits that will require assembly. The parts come completely cut and are NOT attached to a sheet that need to be punched out. It is printed using ultra durable UV cured ink so little chipping or rubbing off over time. If you have a issue with wear do to a error in ink adhesion contact us.

*Colors or prepainted brown/grey components will vary slightly as they are hand sprayed colors. Also color in prints may vary slightly from photos do to color saturation changes in the ink*

All designs are done in humor and for parody, they are not affiliated with or associated with any business logos or entities in the real world in any way.

Additional information

Kit Includes

Sponsor Sign Board Only, Sponsor Sign Board w/ Holder, Sign Holder Only

Design Style

New, Old

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