Arena Rex Fatigue Coins



These Arena Rex Fatigue Coins are a way to bring your immersion in this awesome game up a notch. We carefully studied various examples of hand struck ancient coins when designing these upgrades to the standard fatigue tokens. The added weight of these metal coins combined with the patina create the look and feel of ancient currency. Each coin is hand cast and painted in house. There are five different front designs representing various ludi or cohorts to mark a model as fatigued. The reverse side has a gladius crossing a wreath to create a theta symbol for marking an exhausted model.

Each coin is sold individually.

Made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans

Arena Rex is created by Red Republic Games, miniatures are used for scale only and are available here.


Additional information

Front Design

The Great Ludus, The Thirteenth Legion, The Viking Raven, The Winged Scarab, Medusa

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