Carnuntum Ludus Training Arena




This Carnuntum Ludus Training Arena is a 32mm scale interpretation of the discoveries at Carnuntum by archeaologists. Not only is it the only ludus, found outside of Rome it is also as grand in scale as the Ludus Magnus found next to the Colosseum. The city, in its prime, had two operating arenas due to the demand for games by the citizens and massive groups of troops garrisoned or passing through. Archaeologists have done a reconstruction of the training arena found inside the ludus and using their drawings as reference we have designed this modular expandable arena.

For gaming because of its size you get straight to the fight and a push into a wall or even the stands will be difficult to avoid. It is perfect for brutal duels or pairs squaring off in the 12″ circular fighting area. For more space let the battle move into the stands and use the ledge into the sands as a pit. The action is fast with dire consequences in this cramped ring. The outer hand rail of the base arena is approximately 19.5″.

The Carnuntum Ludus Training Arena includes arena obstacles for games like Arena Rex themed to the training area of a ludus, Two balance beams and two striking Palus. We have additionally included a two stage laurel wreath MDF stencil if you would like to decorate the panels of the fighting area as we have.

We also offer a expanded arena that increases the fighting pit into a 26i” by 12″ oval that can be scaled back down simply by removing sections.(pictures coming soon)

The sections included per arena break down as follows:
Ring – 2 left stairs, 2 right stairs, 10 standard, 2 sets of entrance braces, 4 arena obstacles and 2 layer laurel wreath stencil.

Oval – 2 left stairs, 2 right stairs, 14 standard, 4 reverse angle straights, 2 sets of entrance braces, 4 arena obstacles and 2 layer laurel wreath stencil.

This kit is made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from laser cut 2.5mm MDF and is a multi-part kit that will require assembly. The parts come completely cut and are NOT attached to a sheet that need to be punched out.

Our assembly instructional video can be found here

To learn more about the historic site of Carnuntum and its ludus you can read about it here.

The documentary Lost City of Gladiators which was the inspiration can be found here.

Arena Rex is created by Red Republic Games, miniatures are used for scale only and are available here.

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Training Ring, Oval

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