2 Can Fuel Storage 28mm Scale Terrain


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The 2 Can Fuel Storage 28mm Scale Terrain kit is a handy way to recycle a couple left over aluminum beer or soda cans into a well detailed bit of terrain. Inspired by the many custom card and plastic terrain pieces we have all been making for years this puts the concept into a easy to use kit. With wide walkways, plenty of flat surfaces for models and solid line of site blocking bulk the kit stands out as a interactive part of the board. We have loaded the kit with little industrial details to add depth and style to the kits including engraved signs, bolt heads, grated cat walks and various hatches that can be either modeled opened or closed. This way even if you have a few on the table there can be a fair bit of variety with the finished model by leaving off or adding signs. Also don’t be afraid to tear that can open for a damaged fuel tank look. Your miniature minions will thank you for giving them the extra cover and valuable fuel source for tanks.

Assembly video guide can be found here

The 2 Can Fuel Storage 28mm Scale Terrain kit measurements are 6.5in x 5.4in by 3.6in tall

This kit is made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans from laser cut 2.5mm MDF and is a multi-part kit that will require assembly.

The parts come completely cut and are NOT attached to a sheet that need to be punched out.

Thanks to Greenleaf Terrain for the assembly video, check out the page for plenty of custom and pre-painted terrain.

Mantic Games miniatures are shown for scale purposes only and with permission. Check out their vast range of products here.