Kings of War Acrylic Magic Item Token Set



Our Kings of War Acrylic Magic Item Token Set gives you a token for each of the 40 magic items in the KoW rule book.


These will help to make your KoW games fun, smooth and efficient. Don’t ruin a great game trying to remember if a unit has a specific magic item or not. Since you can only use one of each in any army list you will never need more than what is included in this set in a regular game. As much fun as it is to model the magic items to a character model sometimes it just isn’t feasible. With this Kings of War Acrylic Magic Item Token Set you can easily make changes game to game to try out different combinations and not lose track. These are also great if you are trying to convert new players and want to keep the streamlined feel that KoW excels at. The best reason of all is so you don’t forget to use the extra powers given that you paid the points for. How many times do you forget even with it modeled on to use your magic item when your in the heat of the battle? Your opponents are not going to remind you. Keep a token with the unit and never forget again!


All tokens are based on a 25mm round size,every one has been individually designed to be easily seen by your opponent on the other side of the table with a themed shape to the magic item it represents. No generic counters here these have been lovingly designed to embody every specific magic item. These tokens can also be easily primed and painted up to give them a bit more pop on the table top if you like. Cut from 1/8th in Acrylic they have plenty of durability to stand up to all the table top combat you can throw at them, we also have a MDF version available.


40 tokens in total

Also available upon request in: Green, Blue, yellow and Pink/Red, other colors as well but may incur a charge.

Made in the USA by Ironheart Artisans

Kings of War is Made by Mantic Games, go check them out.

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