Chipping Set For Mechas


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The Chipping Set For Mechas includes a Acrylic and 2 enamels. 1 jar 17mL & 2 jars 35mL A.MIG 7428

Basic set for some of the commonest effects found on robots and Mechas. Provides the necessary products to create paint chips and chipped grime as seen in the book ‘IN COMBAT, Painting Mechas’. It can also be used on any kind of machinery, dioramas, trucks, bulldozers or spaceships.

Included colors:

A.MIG-044         CHIPPING




The Chipping Set For Mechas offers a group of products brought together to specifically work in harmony to take the guess work out of choosing the right product for your project. If you have never used these advanced modeling products do not be intimidated as they are very practical and easy to use. Having the right tool for the job is most of the battle. Check out the link below for a wealth of instructional videos with detailed explanations on the process for using these time saving products.

For instructional videos on using these great products click here


Manufactured by AMMO

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