BrokenToad Wonderland Set


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Here is BrokenToad’s Wonderland set of 5 miniature resin busts in 1/24 scale is created by the talented Roberto Chaudon.

Pressure cast by BrokenToad in high quality polyurethane resin in 1 piece each and are 40-50mm tall approx including stand.

These transitions are a series of miniature busts aimed at painters who want to make the move to larger scale models without the intimidation of making such a huge leap in scale., This set will contains 5 busts based around one theme, roughly 40-50mm in size containing various materials and textures for painters to practice their skills on. Which we hope will ease the transition and provide a new and interesting canvas for miniature painters.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted with 5 printed art cards in cardboard box with foam protection.

Supplied by BrokenToad made in the UK


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