BrokenToad Skin Deep


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Here is BrokenToad’s Skin Deep Bust. This 1/10 scale miniature resin bust is created by the talented Christian Hardy.

Pressure cast by BrokenToad in high quality polyurethane resin in 17 parts and when assembled stands 80mm high.


Here is great unboxing showing each individual part


Model supplied in cardboard box and foam protection. *Plinth not included*

Supplied by BrokenToad made in the UK


The Jester by Rudyard Kipling

There are three degrees of bliss

At the foot of Allah’s Throne,

And the highest place is his

Who saves a brother’s soul

At peril of his own.

There is the Power made known!


There are three degrees of bliss

In Gardens of Paradise,

And the second place is his

Who saves his brother’s soul

By exellent advice.

For there the Glory lies!


There the are three degrees of bliss

And three abodes of the Blest,

And the lowest place is his

Who has saved a soul by jest

And a brother’s soul in sport…

But there do the Angels resort!

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