28mm scale terrain Wooden Pallets (set of 12)



28mm scale terrain Wooden Pallets (set of 12) scatter terrain are designed after what is called a two way reversible pallet in the real world. It is a very simple model to assemble as it is only 4 parts.  We spent some time playing with the design to try to improve on what is already available in detail and ease of assembly. All of the surface except the center support have laser etched wood grain. 

Who wants to miss out on the fun that tossing a few pallets around the board can be. Does bring back memories of playing airsoft or paintball in pallet built bunkers for you too? The never ending possibilities are to many to list. Pallets are practically the Lego of the post apocalyptic world. Break a couple up and throw them on a miniature base or lean them a against a wall or two to add a little bit of flavor. Just imagine the splinters from moving the real things around. Makes me want a mini pallet jack, Hmmm. . . .

After a quick dry brush of your favorite wood color these guys are ready for the field. Left alone they make for wonderful dark and burned wooden pallets. They can look at home across a huge range of miniature war gaming terrain themes, historical, modern and post- apocalyptic to name a few.


Each pallet measures appoximately 7/8in x 3/4in x 1/4in


Made in house by Ironheart Artisans from 2.5 mm MDF. Comes unassembled and unpainted with enough parts to make (12)

Painted examples By Phil Scott