F.M.F. 2020 Base for 20 mm bases 5×4



This scenic base is designed for games where removing your casualty miniatures is not necessary so the need for separate bases for each model is eliminated. Designed to be used for Kings of War by Mantic Games.

Having the entire unit mounted on a single base makes the movement phase take only moments and if you are playing on a clock those seconds can be invaluable.

Another benefit is the ease of packing and unpacking your models for games, setup for those massive battles can be done in minutes instead of hours.

Without the need for a movement tray your units foot print does not increase and allow your opponent to take advantage of the extra width.

The texture is the same as a basic sanded base so it can be painted as snow, gravel, sand or dirt add a bit of static grass and your finished.

With a resin texture instead of glued flock or sand there will be no trail of debris left behind on your gaming surface as handling wheres off bits of your basing.

Scenic movement tray/base that replaces (20) 20 mm square bases in a 5×4 configuration with 15 mm round plugs for inserting models.

We use red resin so no matter what color primer you use black, grey, white, etc, you can tell if you have full coverage or not.

Comes unpainted in red resin. Cast resin product, please wash in warm/soapy water before painting. For best results, prime model before painting. Kings of War Miniatures  by Mantic Games not included

Hand cast in the USA by Ironheart Artisans


Additional information

Weight 35 g