After polishing off the spiffy Ultramarine template set for the NOVA Open Chairty army work started on designing a set for the opposing army in the raffle. Hive Fleet Behemoth, having the colors blue and red as opposed to the smurfs blue and white seemed like there wasn’t enough contrast between the sets. So we designed a whole new pattern for our 40k templates that looks more gooey/plasma instead of firey/explosion, love my job for that sentence alone. To get your hands on this supper one of a kind template set with hand painted color inlay you gotta go buy a ticket here.


For just a buck you could win these awesome templates, well and a entire professionally painted Tyranid army too, but lets be honest the templates are where its at.

tyranid templates


Beside the ultramarines templates we also painted up this little bit of Dakka to add to what is a incredible army, tickets for that can be found here

nova-thunder1 nova-thunder3